I have recently seen a couple of films :
1. Marley and Me
2. Milk

3. Man on Wire
4. Slumdog Millionaire.

I enjoyed #1, cried with the rest of the theatre. Owen Wilson is fun to watch and so is Jennifer Aniston and her flawless hair.
#2 was amazing. I love Sean Penn and still think he was robbed from the Oscar for I am Sam. Milk is a very powerful film and it is sad that this event is where the so called "Twinkie defense" originates.
#3 was on DVD and it was a bit of a heist movie about Philippe Petit a French high wire artist and his 1974 quest to walk on a wire between the Twin towers in New York. It is an interesting story and you have to take it for the type of documentary it is. It doesn't give you all the answers but it is an intriguing story nonetheless.
#4 was a nice surprise. This movie was not on my radar and thankfully B was adamant that we see it and it was great. It is about a young man that enters the Indian version of Who Want to be a Millionaire (but there is so much more!).

I am puposely not giving you many details here but I thought I would suggest a few films for the first weekend of the new year. This weekend I am hoping to see The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke but it is only playing in select theatres so we shall see... Perhaps a little last hoorah trip out of the land of Red is in order!