This weekend B and I went to Santa Monica for a little people watching, shopping and inspiration for the New Year. It's amazing how fashions are uniquely varied from place to place. Recently we have visited Las Vegas, Palm Desert, and now the Westside of LA. Certainly there was a fair share of skinny jeans and beautiful scarves on the hip and lovely of each town but at the same time each town had something about it that gave it it's own touch. I don't know about you but I know when I am in Vegas and what I can get away with as far as clothes versus being in LA. In Vegas I wear my sparkle and sequence and feel no shame! But I am a little more shy about sporting that same sparkle in the Land of Red. The fashion in Palm Desert seems elegant but understated and I love that essence.Although I love many different styles, I tend to gravitate towards what I refer to as resort chic. My vast collection of olive green and khaki clothes I think stems from a childhood in uniform at Marlborough School. I must confess, I liked having a uniform, and even though there was a sea of navy blue and khaki at my school, you could still see individual style.
B and I do not claim to be fashionistas but as you know we do part time work as supermodels (HA, HA on this blog that is..). Anyway, it was a quick afternoon trip to Santa Monica, and even though I grew up not too far from here, I am always re-energized from my visits.