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Thematic Photographic: Happy

Here I am at Trunk Bay in St. John. National Geographic has named Trunk Bay as "the most beautiful beach in the world." I was so happy to be there and see it for myself. Happy B
This shot is a classic L&B photo. In this one we both had crazy hair and decided to take pics, however I cheated and hid mine. But it was early in the AM and we were both happy. As you might have guessed, Carmi's theme this week is happy. I am glad he chose this theme because it make us look around and see all the things around us that indeed make us happy. Make sure to check out what makes other people happy @ Written.


Mimi said...

lovely photos! I think I may have to participate this week too!

Leora said...

Yeah, you are happy! Love the arms up in the water in celebration.

sheila said...

Gorgeous picture! So crisp and clear and fun! I may just do this., looks like fun (the thematic thing...not the beach. I WISH the beach, but oh well)

Carmi said...

I can easily see why it's the most beautiful beach in the world. That color is enough to make me want to move there. Right Now.

I have plenty of crazy hair pics on this end, too. Thanks for the inspiration...one may find its way onto the blog as a happy pic later this week!

Thanks for being such an active participant in my little bloggy/photographic insanity. I'm so happy (natch!) that everyone's having such a good time with it.

ChrissyM said...

Lovely photos. This is a great theme!!! Love the water picture, that water is gorgeous and I love how your arms are up. Great photos!

Deetree said...

Your blog always makes me happy! Love your pics as always!! :>