You've guessed it! Animals make me happy. Ever since I was a little girl I have always LOVED animals. There is a gravitational pull between us. I know others share this passion but even my neighbors have noticed how animals tend to come my way. For awhile, I was concerned I was going to be that lady in the neighborhood, you know what I mean... But then I just didn't care!Apart from my own, Norman Alexander and Tiger Ernestine, I also kinda have a third cat name Cheetah. Cheetah came to me on a dark day for me personally and she has been with me ever since. She technically belongs to my neighbors across the street but chooses to reside on my side and in my garage. The pic above is from my first months with Cheet. She followed me from outside through the windows. She would frequently sit here and watch me work on the computer from what I called "Cheet's nest". Cheet's nest recently came down but Cheet is still here watching over me. I love her loyalty.

Oh and did I mention Cheet is Norm's best friend. It is seriously like Milo and Otis. She even comes with us on our walks. That is when the neighbors started wondering about me and my animal ways :) I tried to document it, but it is hard to record and walk your dog at the same time. It's only a few seconds but you'll get the jist. If you haven't yet, and need your happy fix, go on over to Written.