As B and I were strolling the streets of Old Town Pasadena, we were happily surprised to run into this beautiful castle. Castle Green was built in 1898 and it is located on 99 S. Raymond Avenue in Pasadena, Ca.
It used to be the western wing to the Green hotel and it is now a beautiful condominium. Tours are available twice a year (June & December). I want to make it back for their event on December 7th where you can do a self guided tour and explore the different salons, open cage elevator, hand carved woodwork, and other stunning aspects of this historical landmark.The Moorish Colonial and Spanish style of the building is one of my favorite aspects. I would love to reside in one of those towers. Apparently east coast folks used to come here to escape the winters. Although the original resort hotel is gone, the Castle Green is beautiful and has an amazing history. For more of its history click here. I can just picture all the splendid parties and fashion that must have graced the ballrooms and private rooms.