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Es mi cumpleaños!/C'est mon anniversaire!

In Spanish we use the verb cumplir when we talk about birthdays. Hoy cumplo X años. Cumplir means to accomplish. I think, it is an interesting way to look at life and how we age. I like this verb because it also means that those years are yours, you earned them and you own them. I certainly have earned mine. Now that I have one more year of alleged wisdom under my belt, the lesson that screams out to me the most is to "live in the moment/enjoy the moment" don't wait to start your life when A,B,C and D fall into place. Live it everyday.


Carmi said...

Happy, happy birthday to you! I really like the "you've earned them and you own them" ethos. It fits nicely with the "live for today" philosophy.

Too often, we wait for something to happen. Then we get to the end of our lives and realize we need not have waited. Thank you for this important reminder on this important day. I hope you have lots of special things planned!

Mimi said...

Felicidades! I hope you have a really really great one.

Mama C said...

Feliz cumpleanos a ti, Feliz cumpleanos a ti! To our favorite friend, we love you and can't wait to help you celebrate!

LOVE your picture, sooooo sweet!

completely-coastal.com said...

I love the beach as well and live coastal in Rhode Island. And a happy birthday too!

My Castle in Spain said...

Feliz cumpleaños ...and as they say..que cumples mucho !

(i've just seen your comment on Linda's blog and discoverd you)

Deetree said...

Happy Birthday! I love the childhood picture!