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Thematic Photography: Faded

Caribbean Lazarus: This summer on my way to Coral Bay on St. John I ran into this beauty. Immediately I thought it was the doppelganger to Lazarus back home. Lazarus is Mama C's hubby's truck here in my neighborhood. They named their truck Lazarus because it keeps coming back from the dead. It seemed appropriate that Caribbean Lazarus was near Coral Bay since it is the quieter part of St. John and St. John as a whole is seriously laid back. Mainland Lazarus works so hard but if this was indeed it's doppelganger it seems that Mainland Lazarus will have a wonderful retirement. This week's theme at Written is : Faded so I immediately thought of this pic. This car may seem "a little older, a little run down" but on this island it will definitely be seeing "better days".


Carmi said...

I love this picture. I can imagine the life this truck has led, the work it's done and the price it's paid along the way. There's a wonderful honesty to scenes like this: nothing hidden. It's all there for us to interpret.

A great addition to this week's theme!

Carol said...

It looks like it has seen better days, for sure.... looks like its had a few fender benders too.. :) Super photo!

Robin said...

I love the Lazarus explanation - this old workhorse certainly looks like its earned the right to bear it. Great capture.

Mimi said...

My hubby's truck looks very much like this. It even has a bumper sticker on the driver side window that says "this is not an abandoned vehicle." My beast (yes her name is The Beast) probably looks worse. I have people look at me and exclaim, "does it turn on?" lol. I love our island rides. What else do you need here? The fastest speed limit is 35!

{i}Post said...

Such character in the truck. Can you imagine the many miles it has seen. Oh, if only i could travel as far...

me said...

I too have run a vehicle into the ground, this brings back some interesting. Nice shot, thanks.

D.O.M. Dan said...

Congrats on winning Carmi's Caption This contest.

I visit Carmi's blog daily, but don't often find another person leaving comments who resides in Southern California. I live west of Redlands in the city of La Habra.

Bye for now.