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Thematic Photographic: Closeup

Carmi @ Written, one of my new favorite blogs has a new theme for the week and it is close up. I am so excited for this theme! I took this pic at the Velodrome in LA for the World Cup of Cycling in January. B and I sat in the front row and I was lucky to get this shot. No camera tricks, just trying to take in this new experience. This is not exactly macrophotography but my interpretation of close up.
Lastly, the above pic is of one of Norman's pals here in the neighborhood, Rocky. I took this during one of their first play dates. Rocky is a sweetheart but in this closeup he looks like a wild wolf. I don't want to misrepresent Rocky, but this picture goes to show you how one moment can be so different than the next.


Mama C said...

That picture of Rocky is too funny. It does make him look like one vicious pup. But he is a sweet little doggie.

That was a great close up!

b13 said...

Thank you for visiting and for the kind words. I too am an amateur and love perusing different sights to see through other peoples eyes.

"Fotografia Digital El Salvador" is a fantastic sight and the images are truly beautiful. I am enjoying your photos as well.

That picture of Rocky is great. I love capturing the ferocity of my own angels as well. And I truly love the cyclist shot.

Some people just "have it" and from what I see you are one of those people. I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us.

Mimi said...

These are still really good. The cyclists are neat. I love accidental masterpieces.

Carmi said...

The velodrome picture really should be framed. It's like a poster that challenges the eye to keep looking and discovering new elements.

My jaw dropped when I first saw it. What a cool interpretation of the theme!

(I really enjoy the fact that everyone takes such a broad view of each theme. That's my goal...I just want folks to turn it loose when they shoot!)

Heather said...

That is a great picture in the velodrome! Good job!

Mary-Laure said...

The picture of Rocky is so great! Scary fangs there!