Isn't this a great face? I met this sweet cow on Saturday at the LA County Fair. I lived in the midwest for 7 years where these faces were more familiar and the fairs were more mainstream but alas, I finally had the all American fair experience.
Fun, Fun, fun it was. I always tell my students to loose the too cool for school attitude and to have fun in class and the same goes for the fair. It is silly and you should let your inner child out.As you can see B is not afraid to let "Little B" out!
There were a lot of treats (pricey treats$$$) to be had but luckily we were able to leave the fair without feeling like Templeton after the fair.I thought this was a sweet scene at the fair. It is good to see there is still romance out there :) Happy Monday/ Feliz Lunes! and Happy First Day of Fall.