There are 13 days until I go back to being una Profesora de español (must be said in gringo accento). One of the things I like about being a profesora is that I still get to experience the excitement of going back to school. New binders, new pens and that promise to myself that "this year I will be organized!". As much as like being a profesora, this year I am making a different promise. Here goes: I would like to have my work (grading papers, lesson planning. etc) revolve around my life instead of the other way around. I used to be under the impression that I had to go into complete sabbatical from my personal life until the summer came back around. What was I thinking?? So although I might not be able to sit on my beach chair as often as I would like, I am not abandoning it completely.I took this picture earlier in the summer while visiting St. Thomas for the day. This is evidence that school life and the sea can be friends. :)