Today is day 2 of "Getting my act together". This picture is from our morning walk on Lugonia Ave in Redlands. That road you see is the long one I have ahead of me when it comes to preparing my courses. The mountain you see, well you get the symbolism... I've had a slow start today since Norman was on protective mode last night and decided to bark at the rustle of every tree. He means well, but as I sit here trying to work on my syllabi, he is on nap #3 or 4 of the day.
But I can't get mad at him. Even though he dragged me on his AM walk, the look of happiness on his face will serve as my motivation for today. I have to make serious headway with my work so when the fall comes, I won't turn into a bad parent and deprive my Norm from his 2 daily walks. In some ways, I really do have to thank Norm because if it weren't for him, I would probably still procrastinate. At the very least he pushes me to get things done in spurts. What motivates you?