Today is a nice, sunny and not so hot day in Redlands. After a morning of chores I headed over to Yucaipa for some fruit and veggies. On my way home I stopped at Farquhar Farms in Redlands. After picking up my avocados for 50 cents each I looked around and wow what a pretty view. Now, this is not the kind of place where you will spend hours. They have some select veggies, so choose your tomatoes, squash, oranges and you can be on your way. The corner of Wabash and Fifth gave me a different perspective: visually and mentally.
It was a nice brief outing to Farquhar Farms, but it seemed liked a world away from everything I have going on at home. I love to travel, to read about travel, and I also enjoy watching foreign films because they take me to those amazing places I've yet to visit. But today about 5 minutes from my chaos was this nice little stand that seemed to be from another era.