Thanks for stopping by! My current quest is to research how I can move close to the beach or to an island before retirement. I don't think you should have to wait until you retire in order to start enjoying life. Therefore this has become my mission. I recently read an article in Islands magazine about the "10 best islands to live on" (JULY/AUGUST 2008 issue) and was inspired by tacogirl who took the plunge and moved to Belize. I am barely at the beginning of my journey but I am determined to at the very least give it a go.

I 've had the privilege of living in sunny So. Cal for most of my life. My recent travels have taken me to Kauai and to St. John USVI. I fell in love with Kauai, but St. John is my current obsession. I just returned from an amazing trip to St. John with my friend Janet 3 weeks ago and it has fueled my mission to live on an island.

Anyway, short post, but just a glimpse of what interests me.