Since we last caught up, I got through finals week and made it to Hawaii, to spend the holidays with B.  The flight over here was really bumpy.  Although I don't consider myself a nervous flyer, I was definitely praying the Hail Mary for about 2 hours.  Maybe it was because I flew on the winter equinox and there was something in the air but I certainly hope my flight back to LA is better.

Nevertheless, the beauty of Hawaii does not disappoint, we went over to Ko Olina on Friday to walk around and enjoy a few apps. Ko Olina is basically a resort area but luckily it is about 10 min from our place in Kapolei so we don't have to pay the resort prices for lodging.  After walking along the coast in front of the Four Seasons, we decided to check out their pools.  Super nice and they also have nice calm beach to wade into and not feel overwhelmed by big waves.

On Christmas Day we went over to the North Shore for Brunch and walked around the shops and just sat and stared at the waves.

All of this is amazing but here is the reason why I am here : my B

This is not the first time we have had to live apart but it is the longest  8 months!
Six more to go people!!!
Not to mention that our household goods have yet to arrive.  I am typing this standing in our furniture-less, apartment.  Don't get me wrong life is amazing right now, but a place to sit would be nice.  It's not all glamour with these moves.  In the spirit of keeping it real I have to tell you that paying rents in two expensive states while living on the floor has not been the easiest but these are the sacrifices we have made.  As much as I would have liked to leave my job and move here with B, I am finishing my teaching commitment in LA.  Since we have a small family of just the two of us and the boys, being apart has been the hardest.  The boys are with their aunt in Vegas until they fly out in March to Hawaii.  (All dogs have to go through testing and a 120 day wait in order to avoid quarantine.)  
 For the three people that might still read my blog after 8 years ( thank you!), you know we love to travel and we are over the moon with this new adventure.  
sealaura is also my place to share and document thoughts about these job moves and life in general.  As I mentioned before social media is often about the highlight reel and YES our highlight reel is pretty awesome but there is also a little bit of behind the scenes that I want to share with you.
Wishing you a beautiful day from Oahu.