Now that summer is right around the corner, I wanted to up my T-shirt game.  There's no need to dress in sloppy tees when you can be a Marilyn via this beauty from LSJ.  
 One way to dress it up a bit is by adding some cute accessories, including a  cute cuff from LSJ.  It is from the dainty jewelry collection.  There are some other motivational sayings such as "love" that you can add to your arm party. 
When it comes to summer jewelry I am all about fun bangles and colorful bracelets. 
What about you?
 I am also loving the casual comfy vibe for summer and heck for the rest of the year!
It's all about how you style it.  Truthfully I wear the same pieces year round.  One thing I learned from living in the midwest for seven years (thank you Notre Dame!) is the art of layering.
Even here at the beach you need to have your morning layer for May Grey and June Gloom and by 10 or 11 be ready to peel them off.
 This weekend marked the unofficial start of summer I could not be more happy.  I am giving my final exams this week and am looking forward to more peaceful days.  Even though I will be teaching two classes, it is waaaaaaay better than 5!  I plan on decluttering a bit more so we can fit in our little apartment.  Going from a house in Sedona to a 1 bedroom in LA has been an adjustment.
As you can see I was super casual this weekend, I didn't get a chance to take pics of me dressing up the tee but I will be sure to take some soon.  Anyways, I hope everyone had a nice weekend. It sure was nice to get a break before the last push for the end of the school year.  
Are you a Tee shirt kind of gal?