So I am bringing the fanny pack back, are you in?  Yesterday B and I hopped on our bikes and took part in Ciclavia.  Basically the roads were open so people could bike from Culver City to Venice Beach without any traffic getting in the way and it was amazing.  I have not felt that free in a long time.  Even though I am a tad out of shape and had to dust off my bike, I am so glad we went.  Here in LA everything seems so far away because of the traffic but we got to the beach in a jiffy.

So we rode from our apartment to Venice and back and then came home and walked the boys to Culver City.  It was a great day for families to get out and enjoy the weather and all the cool things out city has to offer like food trucks, the Mar Vista Farmer's Market, and a bunch of local vendors.  This has been a fabulous weekend.  I love it when we can do things that include the boys.  
How was your weekend?