I’ve heard that the holidays can be tough on people and this year I am kind of experiencing it a bit myself. I've been buried in my work and when the bell rings today I will go home and begin my holiday.

While many have big family reunions, at our house it is a small celebration with my husband and our pups. I've loved the fact that it's always us in a new location or traveling seeing something new. But this year as I am back in LA, I couldn't help but feel a little empty.


This year I turned 42 and it has become more evident that I will not be having any kids. I’ve been coming to terms with this fact for some time but it is still a tough pill to swallow. I am comforted by that fact that I teach and have taught many kids over the years and that for a semester or two I have felt them to be my own.

Sure, I am not feeding them, paying for their college and dealing with them at home but I feel connected to them in many ways. This fall I am teaching at an all girl school in LA and I had my kiddos do little leaves and acorns telling me 5 things for which they are grateful. It felt a little elementary school like ( I teach high school) but sometimes you have to go back to that inner child and take a moment to color, decorate and express gratitude. Especially when you are feeling down.

I am not one to quote scripture but I ran across this today:

“A man must be content to receive the gift which is given him from heaven; there is no other source.”
—John 3:27

So I will accept the gifts that have been given to me and continue to embrace this holiday season with gratitude.

Wisiing you a Happy Thanksgiving!