I don't know about you but I had a pretty good summer.  Honduras was super fun and the beginning of the school year is going great so far.  We are not quite done with summer temps here in Sedona, but there are hints in the air that cooler temps are on their way.  I am taking advantage of these last weeks to wear my summer stripes and summer whites.

But if you know me, you know that summer stripes and summer whites are followed by WINTER whites and stripes so not much will change for me wardrobe wise and that is how I like it!
The one thing I miss the most about living in a city is being able to wear NICE shoes.  But as you can see these rocks are no joke, so I am usually wearing some sort of rubber soled shoe or a back up shoe for when I am in the classroom.  I walk about 5 miles a day just up and down the campus so sometimes I just have to give in and wear some un-cute shoe. :(
The inspiration for this outfit came from Anthropologie's early summer catalog. I love that store but the profesora budget can't always do those prices, so one has to improvise!
What do you think of my version?
Happy Holiday Weekend!  
I think we will be going up to Flagstaff to walk around a bit.
What are you doing for your last summer hurrah?