Hola!  We are back in Sedona!  After 4 weeks in Honduras, we came back to Vegas, went to LA, Santa Barbara, back to LA, Redlands, back to Vegas and then BACK to Sedona.  It's been super fun, but now it's time to regroup and get ready for the school year.
After wearing the same clothes for a month and a half ( I am a light packer), I was so happy to reach into my closet and pick out something "new" to wear.  I love these pants because they are lightweight and oh so comfy!  
We decided to enjoy our little town and take a day out in town, enjoying a walk in Tlaquepaque.  It feels good to be back here.  I am trying to keep the ZEN even though things are about to get hectic.  I am telling myself I will not allow it to get hectic.
I have a ton more to share about Roatan, in case you are interested in visiting but I just wanted to let you know we are back in the USA.  Of course, if you follow on Instagram and FB, you already knew that!  
How is your summer going?