In 15 days B and I will be taking off to live on an island for one month.  Which island?  
Stay tuned my friends!  
I started Phase 1 of my packing and realized I have some cute pieces but I need some neutrals to balance this all out.  Loving my striped tanks and hopefully my board shorts will do the trick.  I have to be super minimalist on this trip because we don't want to pay crazy fees for extra luggage.  Don't know about you but each time I travel, I end up wearing the same few pieces over and over again so I am trying to remember that as I pack.  I think I will be living in my swimsuit so I am taking 2.  
What do you think? Will that do? 
As you might gather, we are going somewhere tropical so the majority of my supplies are things like insect repellant, flashlights, and water filters and some other first aid type of supplies.  It is not a mission trip but this area is part of a developing nation so there's no running to your local Walgreens or Walmart if you need some Pepto or something.
We also won't have WIFI so I am packing these books.  Do you have any other fun suggestions?
Our goal is to carry on most of our stuff, except for the liquids like all of our sunscreen, shampoo and dive fins.  Although, B wants to sneak the fins in as carry on.  How can you "sneak" fins onto a plane you ask, I have no idea!
What are your must haves when you travel?