This has been the longest I have ever gone without blogging and not for a lack of inspiration.  In case you are out of the loop about mi vida loca.  Bryce and I moved to Sedona, AZ to teach at a boarding school last August.  It has been an extremely rewarding opportunity but it has left little time for blogging which pained me like you would not believe.  But we have to pay the bills, you know so teach I did.  If you are a teacher or know a teacher you might already know that we are FULLY ON DUTY when we are on duty and also that summers off are great but they are not entirely work free. Not, that I am complaining because here is where I live :

 I know.  
It is absolutely ridiculously unreal that I get to live here.  Every time I capture a beautiful moment like the ones above I say to myself "OMG this would make a great post!"  but it just has not happened.  On the one hand I am proud of myself for just enjoying the moments but on the other I am bummed I have not kept up with my other passions in life.  I guess I was just on a bit of a sabbatical.  
I still love fashion (another mega passion) but this has been a transitional year when it comes to my fashion.  You see, I walk on rocks all day and have to avoid cacti, snakes and any other deserty kinda thing like an impromptu monsoon. Nevertheless, I am finding my fashion way.  It's still a little wanderlust traveler style over here but sometimes it's a little wanderlust hobo chic because I teach 5 classes and 2 languages people, my head is spinning at times!
So there you have it, this is what I've been up to for the last few months and I've loved every minute.  Bryce and I will be embarking on a wanderlust adventure in about 3 weeks so I hope you have not forgotten us and our little blog.  I will update it more regularly.  I am hoping to get on a better blogging schedule once I am done preparing my students for their French and Spanish final exams.  
Please do let me know what is going on with you!