I don't know what it is about February, but it seems like everybody is in a February Funk.  Maybe because the holidays are over and left us with extra lbs, or because the Superbowl is over and Spring seems oh soooooo far away.  I can't complain about my weather but I am longing for Spring Break. 
One way I am perking up my funk is by adding a little ruffle with mark's Sheer Brilliance Sweatshirt and mark's Clear Choice Necklace.

Nothing like a little bling to bring you out of your funk.  It's unexpected to throw something super glam over a casual piece like a sweatshirt.  For my job as a profesora, I have to keep it casual. Especially as I commute through these Sedona rocky trails and paths.
The ruffle on the sweatshirt gives a feminine nod but it's still a very comfortable piece to dress up of dress down.  I went with some camo leggings because I wanted a contrast and also it's Monday people and comfort is a must!

As you can see, our weather is just ridiculously amazing today, even if the Groundhog claims there will be six more weeks of winter.
Lastly, I can't leave the house without a few little bracelets.  
Enamel bangles are always a nice pop of color.
How do you get out of your February Funk?