Oak Creek
¡Hola! I've pretty much been knee deep in new faculty orientation since we last touched based here on the blog but if you follow on FB and instagram (and I know you do!) you have gotten the inside scoop to our travels from Nashville to Sedona.  Yesterday we had lunch by this gorgeous creek which is super close to campus.  Everyday this experience gets more beautiful.  I'm not gonna lie, currently I am stressed out to the max trying to plan for the year ahead but luckily this amazing scenery does help calm the nerves. 
Can you believe this will be my classroom?  Although, I have 5 preps (teacher talk for 5 different classes) I am really excited that I will have the freedom to make this the most authentic Spanish and French learning experience for these amazing group of students.  My new school is an International
Boarding School which means we have people from all over the world here, including the faculty.  That is right up my alley!  I've always enjoyed being around a diverse group of people and hearing the sounds of many different languages spoken.  The tough part for me will be all the outdoorsy stuff.  I am adventurous but not like my better half.  B will ride his bike everywhere and all day long, rock climb, jump out of a plane, you name it.  I on the other hand, am a little more timid when it comes to those things.  But like my students, I am here to push myself out of my comfort zone and believe me, this is a HUGE change from Nashville, LA, Monterey and living on the Mexican border.
Gotta run off for more orientation, so 
hasta luego and wish me luck!