For our last breakfast in Nashville B and I headed to Más Tacos and we were not disappointed.  
It is not a fancy place, but to me that is a sign for some good Mexican food.  I'm not gonna lie, Nashville is definitely a foodie's delight but truly authentic or delicious Mexican food here has been hard to find.  Of course, I am a brat in saying this because I grew up in California and lived by the Mexican border for a while oh and did I mention I am a Spanish language teacher?  Although, I am from El Salvador I do know my Mexican food.  So buckle up and let me show you what we got.
I started out with a Piña and Cilantro Agua Fresca which was super delish and refreshing.
 A delicious breakfast taco with avocado and crema fresca.
Breakfast Taco with chorizo
 And we split this bowl of Cuban beans with plantains.  This was probably my favorite.  It reminded me of my youth when I used to have this dish with my family.  Even though it's called Cuban beans with plantains this is a common dish in Central America as well.
At Más Tacos, there was no abuelita in the back making this food (at least not that I saw) but the young group of cooks do know how to mix some good Mexican flavors together and it was delicious.  They also had some awesome spicy salsa verde which I had not been able to find since living in the Rio Grande Valley.  I never was able to find  huevos rancheros as good as Taco Palenque in the the RGV but breakfast as Más Tacos was a wonderful way to end out foodie adventures in Nashville.
Más Tacos is located at : 
732 McFerrin St 
Nashville, TN 37206
And YES, you did read correctly, B, the canine travel team and I are hitting the road TODAY and heading to a new adventure in our covered wagon.  You can follow our adventures on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and of course here on the blog.
Have a wonderful weekend!