Birkenstocks Women's Yara at Free People
I'm sure you've gotten the memo by now, but Birks are back!  They've never really been out in my book, but I am a California boho kind of gal so that is no surprise.  Sure, I also wear the wedges, the flip flops, the Sanuks, the Keens but Birkenstocks are a tried and true fave.  I had my first pair in college and wore them down to the ground.

Birkenstock Boston Clog Taupe Suede
I am currently wearing my taupe Birkenstock clogs which are a fave for lazy weekends or during cool nights camping.
Birkenstock Arizona Taupe Suede
But I am thinking of getting a replica of my first pair for the hot days ahead.  I know these shoes are not everybody's cup of tea but they sure are comfortable and I love their earthy feel and look.  I also love that I can get them re-soled which makes them a great investment shoe. 
Birkenstock  Kairo Sandals at Madewell
 However, I am tempted by all the colorful and different style options out there like metallics and I even saw a turquoise pair via Erin at House of Turquoise's instagram!
So what about you?  Are you on the Birk train?  
Which pair would you pick?