Slowly but surely we are making our rounds to Nashville's best eateries.   In fact,  I can feel the lbs creeping up since we have been eating so well.  
Our last stop took us to The Southern in downtown Nashville.
One thing we've learned in all our travels is that breakfast is a way to try out restaurants that might be normally out of your budget.  The Southern is not particularly pricey, but not everybody can spend 19 dollars for fried chicken, at least not often.
I love sunny side up eggs and when I read "The Cuban's" description, I had to try it.  B on the other hand,  is all about the chicken and waffles.  It seems to be his go-to dish ever since we got to Nashville, so he ordered their version called "The Highway." As a lover of all things spice, I was happy our server recommend their Peace and Plenty Sauce, it was a nice addition to my meal and what a cute bottle, no?
I'd like to come back to the Southern maybe on a payday (haha) for some steak and oysters or happy hour (another one of our little travel tips for trying new places).  Their happy hour is from 3-6pm and their $5 oyster shooters and $5 dollar wines and cocktails are calling me.
The Southern is located at
150 3rd Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37201
Have you enjoyed a new restaurant recently?