A new season is a perfect reason for a new bag!  I am super happy with mark.'s get packing tote which is part of their St. Barth's Collection this spring.  I've seen many bags like these floating around the blogosphere but none that are really affordable, and this baby is 40 bucks!  The neutral camel color is super luxe, while the pops of neon pink give it a playful touch.
I can be a bit picky with bags and usually stick to invest type of bags.   But when it's summer, you don't want to carry a heavy leather bag PLUS all of your stuff.  You also want to be able to wipe off any potential spills and for these reasons I LOVE this bag.
 I'm thinking I can even sneak Norman or Newman in it, if I had to, and as a busy dog mom, sometimes I do have to sneak them around while I run errands.  I would probably sneak in Norm, he is less squirmy than Newman, but I digresss... BACK to the bag!
I think summer bags should be fun, but let's face it,  we still have to go to work.   Nevertheless,  I know this bag will serve that purpose easily.   You can bet I will be taking it to school and everybody knows teachers carry a lot of stuff.  But even if I am carrying all of my profesora papers and sneaking around a little vanilla dog or two, I will most definitely look chic and polished.  It's time to get packing... don't you think?
What do you look for in a summer bag?