Hola!  Last time we talked, I was in Spring Break afterglow and then work happened.  Don't get me wrong, I like teaching but my day usually starts around 6am and ends around 6pm.  Even with the longer days, I have not been able to photograph any outfits or plan any posts.   Today was no different.  Although I was sporting a springy outfit in which I looked pretty darn cute,  I left my classroom after 6pm, cooked dinner, fed the dogs, and then NO LIGHT.   Nevertheless, I still wanted to share a few bits and pieces.
 It was 70 degrees today people, 70!!!!!!!!  Just last week, we were at  20 degrees and got snowed on.  I could not waste this warm weather so I pulled out my coral linen pants, white cotton shirt, grey cardi and mark.'s Weave it to Me Necklace.  Fellow blogger Alicia from Word of Alicia had sent this me, weeks ago, but since I was still under ice and snow, it had not seen the light of day (and neither had I, literally).  It's the perfect pop of color, don't you think?  I have a small collection of statement necklaces and as seen here and here but I needed something that screamed happiness and color.  This baby did the trick.  I'm not much of a reds person but the ombre design let's gives you a lot of wiggle room for interpretation so I went more on the coral end of things with my outfit.
What about you? 
What colors are making you happy right now?