High Falls at Lookout Mountain.  This is a man-made waterfall, but spectacular nonetheless.

I can't think of a better place to spend this year's St. Patrick's day than Rock City, on Lookout Mountain in Georgia.   I knew the view would be spectacular but I really had no idea that it would be such a peaceful and beautiful walk to the lookout point.  If you have ever driven cross country you might have seen many barns painted with the slogan "See Rock City" on the roofs or sides and so we did!

It takes about an hour to walk through the whole park and it is soooo worh the 19.95 admission price.  I loved the soothing music playing as we walked through the rocks and gardens. I'm not sure if it was just because today is St. Patrick's day but I believe there were some fiddles and zenlike music as we made our way.  If you are mega claustrophobic, this may not be for you but truthfully there are a few narrow passageways and the caves are pretty mellow.  I say do it!  This place reminded me a bit of the Baths at Virgin Gorda ( as seen here) and if you remember that post, you get the idea.
B on his way to Lover's Leap Mountain
I'm more of a fear of heights kind of girl but no worries my daredevil husband walked on the suspended bridge while I walked on the nice and steady stone bridge.
There are many places to stop and take in all the beauty, so this is a very family friendly place.  And can you believe they even let your bring your dog along?!!  We had no idea this place was dog friendly and would have loved to bring Norman and Newman.  Next time it is, I guess! They also have a cafe right by the lookout point, should you need a snack or restroom break.

Rock City boasts a view to seven states, now that's impressive.
at the top of Lover's Leap Mountain
And that concludes our tour, it was so hard to edit the pics for this post, my pictures are just a small taste of the beauty you will find up here. 
Have you ever been to Rock City?