One of the first things we decided to check out on Tybee, was the lighthouse.  This beauty was built in 1773 and for 9 bucks you can climb up to check out the beautiful view and explore all the little cottages (home of the keepers) and museum across the way.
There are 178 steps to the stop but don't worry you can take a break about every 25 steps and check out the view.  Even if you are a little afraid of heights like I am, you will be ok.  Just be prepared your legs will feel a little jiggly at the end of the trek (or maybe that's just me). 
The lighthouse is 145 ft tall and 154 feet above sea level.  When I got to the top, I soooo wanted to step out but all I could do is open the door and take one step.  It was beautiful!  Luckily, my daredevil husband walked around the observation deck and took this last shot for me. 
The lighthouse is located on 30 Meddin Avenue Tybee, GA 31328