Happy Friday!  
I've had a nice week off with Norman, Newman and B.  It has been lovely to not wake to an alarm and watch the Today show while enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee.  I've also spent this week packing because wait for it...we are moving AGAIN!  Not very far but still kind of annoying.  Although our gypsy life is fun, we were hoping to make Nashville our home for a little while with a house.  All systems were a go until the seller bailed out.  Our current apartment has already been leased out so we have to gather our shells and find another Pied-à-terre  (seems like our Casita is our real home!) B and I say there was resistance in the plan and it was not meant to be, so for now we will just continue to enjoy the uncertainty I guess.  It never gets boring around here.  Anyway, I have all our stuff in piles here and there but I had to decorate for fall even it it was just a little bit.  Nothing too exciting but it definitely cheers me up in the middle of all our chaos. 
Tonight I am trying a new recipe that involves pumpkin, so off I go, hope it turns out ok!
If you had a second home, where would it be?