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Orange shells for fall

It is definitely starting to feel like fall so I started to gather my orange shells to give my home decor a beachy touch. 

Due to our many travels/moves, a lot of our holiday ornamentation has to be small and easy to pack.  As much as I would like to have a house all decked out with pumpkins and fall decor, I can't.  It's a good thing shells come in all sort of colors because they can easily be made to evoke any holiday.  This is what I've got in my travelling beach casita and it makes me happy.
How do you give your casita a coastal fall touch?
check out my blue pumpkins from last year here and here 
fall in South Padre Island 2012 here
fall in Monterey, Ca 2011 here 
fall in Big Bear, CA 2010 here


Bella Mills said...

what a gorgeous shell! a lucky find :)
bella xx

Luxx Mint said...

Wow what a shell, what a good idea instead of all the traditional decor too.

Luxx Mint

ODYSSEY said...

Who can resist pretty shells? We have not unpacked ours since we left the BVI...3 years ago!
I don't decorate, except Christmas and only occasionally. I enjoy seeing other people's, however, if tastefully done - like yours. :)

anita said...

Many tropicals bloom in pretty fall colors..these along with a new candle and natural bits are my go to's to celebrate fall. Im very uncomplicated!