I hope you are enjoying your first few days of fall.  This is always one of my favorite times of the year.  Even though I am a beach lover, fall means school, new pens, new notebooks, being cozy and all things pumpkin!
As you may have noticed, I hadn't blogged for a long time.  This is the longest I've gone without blogging and it's been killing me.  I started a new teaching job this fall and it's been pretty intense.  I have seriously only come home, got in my jammies, lesson planned and done it all over again.  Even though I am a seasoned teacher, I have mainly taught university level so this high school thing is another animal.  I am enjoying it but it has been a huge transition for me, so that's where I've been in case you were wondering.  :)
Over the past year I've wondered if anyone even reads my blog anymore, so if you do, feel free to say hi!  Either way I do enjoy writing and taking pictures and sharing where we travel, so I will continue to do so.  sealaura is still a big part of my life so I hope you will stick around.