Like many Americans we decided to hit the road for the fourth of July holiday.  With canine travel team in tow, we left last Tuesday and headed to Michigan.  I spent 7 years living in the Midwest while I was at Notre Dame and somehow life has brought me full circle back here.  The drive from Nashville to Midland, Michigan was about 10 hours, not bad!  Newman did really well with the trip, it seems like his Thundershirt did the trick this time around.  I love this pic of them smiling.
 Over the weekend we headed to the sweet Bavarian town of Frankenmuth Michigan which also boasts to have the biggest Christmas store in the world and they were not kidding.  We bought a little Palm Christmas Tree that we are excited to use later this year.  Of course, when you are in a German town, how can you pass up some GOOD BIER! 
How was your holiday weekend?