It's no secret I have a thing for jewelry especially the kind that lends itself to a beachy boho vibe.
That's why I jumped at the chance to host a Silpada Party 
Silpada has a wide selection of jewelry for all tastes.  With so many jewelry lines out there, what I especially love about Silpada is that you are getting real sterling silver jewelry, which is awesome because quality never goes out of style!
Now here's some of my fave pieces:
This bracelet called the 21 bangle salute is just fun, and I like how you can wear it alone or stack it up as the picture below shows.
The more bracelets the better, in my book.  Although depending on the event you can keep it simple yet classy with these Sterling pieces.
This necklace called "Earth and Sky"  just screams summer happiness to me. 
My constant travels and moves across the USA, makes it hard to have a party with all my friends, so this party is also virtual.  If you'd like to join in or take a peek at the jewels click here
Check it out and tell me what piece is your favorite.
Which pieces do you like to layer the most, rings, bracelets or necklaces?