Ok, so maybe I didn't cook this week, but I got to carefully watch how amazing food is prepared at The Silly Goose.  After four month's in Nashville, we finally got to explore a bit of East Nashville and found ourselves in food heaven. The restaurant is very casual and if you sit at the bar like we did, you get to see how all the goodness comes together.  We got to see how a beautiful Mahi Mahi is cut and the gorgeous plating for our lunch and dessert.
 Smoked Salmon Sandwich with a side of couscous, Turkey Warp
Desert : Saylor Jack, a Rhubarb Ricotta Cheesecake
Are you hungry? I know I am.  Simple Fresh Ingredients = PERFECTION
B and I have not stopped thinking about this place and are going back real soon!
What are you craving this weekend?