Once of my favorite things about blogging is getting to learn and "meet"  so many lovely artists that are inspired by the ocean.  Today I want to introduce you to Christine Mighion. Christine was kind enough to answer some questions about her design aesthetic along with some other fun things.  A girl with passion for fashion and the beach is cool in my book but read below for more proof.

Inspiration: On the deepest level, my inspiration comes from an emotional memory that color tends to evoke in me. You’ll often see that I’m drawn to shades of blue and seafoam green that captures the essence of the ocean with it’s many moods. I’m also drawn to soft colors reminiscent of sunsets such as smokey lavendar and soft blush pink. Pairing these colors with the sunny warmth of gold captures the heart of a day at the beach! 

Personal Style: I would define my personal style as west coast, casual chic. I love pairing gorgeous and sometimes more trendy accessories with simple pieces such as a pair of well worn jeans and favorite oversized shirt. 

Favorite Beach: Although the water and scenery of Bora Bora was hands down the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, Lanikai Beach on Oahu still holds the place in my heart as my all-time favorite beach. 

Musical Inspiration: I have rather eclectic taste in music, but on any given day you’ll hear anything from Jack Johnson to Jay Z playing in the studio.

Who do you design for? What kind of girl wears your designs?
I design primarily from my heart and I’m less focused on what will sell, but more on what I love. The girl who wears my work has an appreciation for the natural world and items that are created by hand rather than mass produced. She connects to color on an emotional level as well as natural beauty and simplicity in design. Quality of life is very important to her. Living the life of her dreams, pursuing her passions, and caring for herself guide her days.

Tell us more about using recycled metals in your work.
I utilize only recycled gold and silver in my work that I purchase from two different jewelry metal suppliers and manufactures here within the US. This commitment is something that I’m very passionate about as recycled gold and silver are readily available for designers to use and the destruction from mining to the environment and surrounding communities is devastating. Unfortunately, I have seen a number of new designers state that are using eco-friendly, recycled gold fill as a more economical option, but these claims are largely false. I have spent a lot of time researching sources for recycled gold fill and it’s just not there at this time due to the expense in manufacturing it.

How do you keep your beachy mindset while living in the Midwest?
I travel a lot! I still have a home in Maui that we visit each year and this brings me back to what I love. My husband, daughter, and I are scuba divers so we love to get away

during the winter months as much as possible and travel to tropical locals to dive. Our summers are spent at the lake so we continue to enjoy the water and outdoor living as much as possible. 
To learn more about Christine Mighion, click here.  And for more beachy inspiration check out her lovely blog, where she shares her passion for art, the environment and creates lovely looks like the beachy one above.
Which is your favorite piece?