Through each move we've made the boxes the mover's dread the most is our books and we have tons of them.  Aside from displaying our books, we figured we should use beach decor as bookends.  It's nice to see little bits and pieces of our coastal life in unexpected spots.
As you can see, we have quite the mixture of reads in our shelves.  This is what happens when a chemist marries a beach loving linguist.  Luckily we do share a passion for the beach and travel so why not put some shells in a glass and make it a bookend?  You could use any jar really, we have several of these throughout our casita.
Like most beach bloggers I have a thing for bottles, and blue glassware and this is our newest addition.  We use it to store more of our wine corks.  Somehow corks in a glass jar looks beachy, don't you think?
There's nothing earth shattering about this display of shells but if you are wondering how to display your collection and keep your books in order, this is our solution.
How do you display your shell collections?