So I've started a new job recently and you guessed it serving as an officer in the fashion police!  Ok, not really but this cop car was a fun backdrop.  I was a little hesitant to wear these shorts to the office today because I know the South tends to be a little more traditional.  In California, we get away with a lot when it comes to fashion.  Especially as a University prof, I got to wear whatever I wanted.  I am currently temping in an office for a big company but since the AC has been a little iffy I decided I would give the shorts a go.  A very wise person told me, it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission.
Michael Kors watch similar here, bracelets from mark(old) similar here, white on time blazer from mark , rings from mark(old) (similar here), dressy shorts similar here
I have a huge love affair with all things white and this blazer is my current fave.  White is the new black as far as I'm concerned and I love the way it makes me feel bright, happy and beachy, even while sitting in a cubicle.   Of course layered bracelets are a sealaura signature, so I have to have at least a few on to feel whole. 

Pearls are not only a little beachy but also a great way to add some tradition to what might not be a traditional look for the office.  Do you see the light?  I sure do.  It's hump day!! The weekend is almost here!