Polo Ralph Lauren Shirt, Citizen Blue Angel Watch, Sperry Topsiders for J.Crew, Ralph Lauren Prospect Shorts
Aside from being the official sealaura Sport's Director, B has a good eye for fashion.  And because stocking up on basics is just as important for men,  today we are showcasing B's basics. 
1.  a blue polo shirt
2. a nice pair of khaki shorts
3. casual shoes that are NOT flipflops
4.  a nice watch
5.  a great pair of sunglasses, B prefers Smith sunglasses, especially if you are a cyclist or outdoorsman
Citizen Blue Angel watch
I know many people rely on their cellphones to check the time but I believe a watch is a MUST.   The traditional gift for the first wedding anniversary is a watch and here is B's beauty.  I instantly fell in love with it and if I could put it on my chihuahua wrist I would!  But I am just as happy to see it on B.
This is a very basic look, but it is clean and classic.  You can't go wrong with that, right?