When the weekend hits I go appetizer and snack crazy.  B and I have been carb, dairy and sugar free for a few weeks but Saturdays is our cheat day.  Needless to say, Saturday is now my FAVORITE day.  I was perusing our pantry and decided to make this easy breezy smoky salmon dip.  As you can see the ingredients are things you probably have on hand:
  • 8 oz  cream cheese block
  •  onions or scallions (chopped)
  •  and a 15oz can of salmon.  
  • To give it a smokey flavor you might need to run to the store and buy liquid smoke, but all you will need is 1 teaspoon. 
  • Lastly add salt and pepper to taste.
Once you have your ingredients,  mix them all in a bowl or a food processor.  I started in a bowl but our Ninja made the dip a little creamier and smoother. You can chill it or eat it right away.  We  topped ours with a little paprika and some Fritos (the scoop ones).  Like I said, we were indulging.  I hadn't had Fritos since I was in elementary school and boy were they good, I'm not going to lie.  But to make this more of a grown up dip or to class it up a bit, you can serve it with crackers on a very pretty bowl. 
Sometimes, it's all about the presentation.
What are you going to indulge on this weekend?