I don't know what it is about bottles but I just love them, especially vintage blue ones.  In an effort to avoid being featured on the next episode of Hoarders, I try to keep only pieces that have special  memories attached to them.  Do you remember our huge glass water jug that we picked up while vacationing in Cayucos?   Thankfully it's survived 2 cross country moves along with the Blue mason jars that were a gift from B's Grandma Nadine from our visit in Amarillo.  And since we are wine lovers, we keep our good times in a bottle.  I love the way the corks look inside the glass.  It also feels like we have captured those memories and truly "contained" them.   Another thing I am drawn to is boxes.  I fell in love with this Mouton Cadet when I was a young girl and have had it for years.  It currently holds some tea. 
During our last weekend in South Padre we picked up these nautical lights that were taken off a ship not too far away from the island.  It was love at first sight and even though we had the car packed to the brim since we were moving to TN the next day, we made some room.I

I love these glass floats from our trip to Morro Bay  especially paired with this sweet little seahorse that we bought at Cracker Barrel.  Yes, Cracker Barrel which by the way has it's headquarters not too far from where we currently live here in TN.
Our move to TN does not mean our Californian roots are gone.  I need my palm trees and here they are in my own version of little Santa Monica.

 Thank goodness B is a sealover too so when it comes to decorating our home, we don't have many decor disputes.  But his love of the snow and cold weather is where we do struggle a bit.  However, every couple has to compromise and that is where our Alaskan corner comes in.  Alaska is B's homeland and it also must be represented in our home. We have some sweet pictures of his Grandma being pulled by snowdogs and a pair of snow shoes that really do blend in well with the rest of our home.  And speaking of B, it is he who is the official sealaura designer.  I can pick the pieces, but he knows how to put it all together. 
ok now for the winner of the Madelleine Grace Giveaway:
please contact me at sealaura1@gmail.com
How do you go about decorating your home?