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Military Chic

It's no secret that I love adding military touches to my wardrobe, so I decided to bring out one of my military spring jackets for my St.Patty's day look on Sunday.  In order to avoid looking like I just enlisted I made sure to add some feminine touches with my accessories.  The touch of blush from the Connect the dots scarf from mark. was just what I needed to create a little contrast.
Of course my wrist candy consisted of a little green and gold.  I decided to give my usual white MK watch (similar here) a break and wear this Ann Klein tortoise shell watch along with the in the mix bracelets from mark. and the Serious Rock ring from mark.
Black nails have been a staple for me this winter thanks to Stephanie at Odyssey and recently I had a black gel mani done.  Have you had one?  I really did not know what it was all about but all the women in the salon were like "Get it!" so I succumbed to peer pressure and did.  I have to admit, my nails looked AMAZING!  And they lasted forever, until of course they started growing out, but even then they looked decent.  I didn't like how you couldn't take the polish off on your own.  Even when I used acetone, this stuff was not coming off.  But then I  found that a hot shower allowed me to peel the rest of the mani off. Although I really liked the look, I don't think I would get it again because the upkeep is too much, plus you have to stick your hand in UV light to dry it.  My nails were not damaged but I'm sticking to regular manis from now on.


Sam said...

Love your nails! I've been contemplating doing mine sparkly blue - I think you've inspired me to go for it!

ODYSSEY said...

Thanks for the mention!
I will not be getting a gel manicure. They can be damaging and true, you can't just remove the stuff.
Green is nice with your skintone.

Nicole said...

Thanks for your lovely comment! Beautiful accessories!

Kisses from Hong Kong,

pmcct said...

I did a camo look with a sparkly statement necklace yesterday to the office. Love unexpected mixes in fashion. Black nails rock but I've stayed away from the gel this season.

JJ said...

I just got my first gel mani too! While I agree they are perfection to look at (and no chipping? YES!!!) the grow out is just ugh.

I might as well go back to my long faux ones.