The days are getting longer which means more sunshine, warmer days and the good news that summer is on the horizon. I have a spring getaway in a few weeks which got me to start looking for stylish suits and cover ups for the upcoming season.  Looking for a suit is not exactly my favorite thing to do, until I was introduced to
  ECO Swim
a swimwear line that is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and protecting our environment.
Summer is all about enjoying the outdoors and the fact that ECO Swim contributes to its preservation by planning and funding cleanups really put things in perspective.  Instead of worrying about squeezing into a smaller size I became more interested in this company's mission towards sustainability.  I had no idea that it was possible to create such gorgeous pieces from up cycled material.  Besides there is no need to "squeeze" into anything due to their great selection of figure flaterring suits for women,  
yes, real women.

My go-to bikini is a black halter top.  I'm always looking for support, coverage and a classic silhouette.  This one also comes in a gorgeous khaki color.  Can you believe that plastic bottles and recycled fish nets can make such a hot suit?!!
 I have to say that the prices are right on par with other companies but knowing that
 ECO Swim is an eco-friendly American company that designs, fits, customs, and sews their suits in Pennsylvania makes it even more appealing to me as a company that I would like to support.
Another piece that I must have in my travel bag is a pretty cover up.  To me, part of having great "Isle Style," is arriving to the beach or pool looking put together.  It really does not take much, a solid cover up like this grey one will do the trick.  I have to admit the fact that Eco Swim's 2013 Lookbook was shot in Joshua Tree also made me a little happy.  I love JTree! Check out the video below and you will see why it's one of my fave spots in Cali.  B and I took you there before,  remember this post?  
Anyway, this scenery is further proof that no matter if you are in the desert, the lake or at the beach,  ECO Swim has many great options for your spring and summer holiday looks.  To learn more about ECO Swim you can also follow them on twitter , FB , Pinterest and on Instagram.
What kind of suit and cover up are you going to wear this summer?