Hello!  I am back!  Some of you who follow on FB and instagram might have seen our travels unfold.  But the big story is that we have moved, again!  Since starting this blog, you have seen me move 4 times!  Long gone are the days where you find a job and stay there forever or you live in the same city where you grew up.  Lucky for me I 've had many adventures throughout all those moves.  If you had told me that someday I would live in Tennessee I would've never believed you but here I am!!  We moved here for B's new job and so far we are really happy.  You might be thinking but "But, what about the beach?!"  To be honest, it is something that we struggled with when making this move,  but we do have to live in the real world where you have to have a job to pay for all those beach and travel adventures which brings us to Tennessee.  But don't get me wrong we have not given up on our beach lifestyle or dreams, coastal life and coastal living is forever ingrained in my soul.
So let me tell you about our little odyssey to Tennessee.  Since our apartment was not ready for us when we arrived, we camped in our Casita for 2 weeks.  It was fun, crazy and definitely an experience I won't forget.  You definitely learn to make due with little space and little amenities and I really enjoyed that aspect.  However, Newman did not get the memo and still wanted to
 s  p  r  e  a d  out horizontally on the bed.  It was also a nice change weather wise since we woke up to a light snow dusting our first night here.
This past weekend, we ventured into Nashville which is about 15 minutes from our place and I can't tell you how nice it is to be in a city again.  I am in love!!  It's a beautiful city too.  We walked around The District and then headed back home.  There is so much to see and do, so it was nice to know we could take our time and just do a bit at a time.  Not to mention, that we still have boxes left to unpack..ugh.
How cool is this little idea?!  I just loved it!  I have to tell you it is true what they say about southern hospitality, everyone I have met so far is super nice and cheerful.  The only little hiccup in TN is that you can not buy wine at the supermarket or in the grocery store or on Sunday! WHAT?!  But I think I will survive nevertheless...
Yesterday we took a brief break from our boxes and found the lake where we will be taking sailing lessons.  I am a little scared, excited and nervous but on the whole I think it will be fun.  So there you have it, we are all caught up and will be returning to normal sealaura programming.