I must confess, one yolk snuck in to this 3 egg white omelette but no biggie.
So here we are in the second week of January and I hope you have not abandoned your New Year's resolutions.  Eating well is not necessarily my resolution but the New Year is a great time to re-start, remember any positive goals that you are trying to attain.  Personally I'm trying to get organized and get my life back in order.  That includes amping up my lean protein and veggie regimen that I've been trying to maintain since September.  That's where the egg whites and spinach come in.  I love eggs and when I start the day with protein I do feel more satisfied.  I prefer steaming fresh spinach but in a pinch the frozen variety will do.  Squeeze a little lemon and dash a little salt and it is a great way of incorporating fiber and veggies early in the AM.

Believe it or not, this meal does not take long or require a lot of effort.  Speaking of goals, looking at that pool is a great motivator.  If I have any dreams of sitting poolside without a cover up.  I have to take care of myself inside and out.  Here in the Tropics and even back in Cali, it is pretty much always pool season, so you can't really fall of the wagon. I hope this post motivates and inspires you because we all need to be motivated, encouraged and pushed to keep on reaching and striving for our goals.  Thank goodness for the blogosphere because it never ceases to inspire. Every day is an opportunity to start over, so if you haven't hit your New Year's stride, 
don't be hard on yourself and start again!