Hello friends!  I've been off the grid for a a few days but I have not forgotten you nor lost my love of blogging.  If you follow on instagram or FB you might already know that B and I went to the island to celebrate Christmas.  It was really nice to wake up at the beach. 
 Of course the Canine Travel Team was along.  Here are the boys waiting on Christmas lunch inside our Casita.  Our bed turns into a dining table so our Casita has just about everything we need.
It was kind of funny to see our little Casita in comparison to all the other ones in the RV park since ours looked like a toy one compared to theirs, but everyone at the park loved our Casita and how small it was.  This was our second trip in our Casita and it was loads of fun.  We are still learning about the RV world.  For instance we paid for all the hook up amenities including a cable TV hook up.  BUT, we didn't have our own cable cord....wa wa...  We could still watch the regular channels, no big deal but next time we will be prepared.  B brought Christmas Vacation along so we watched that and it was a great way to spend Christmas Eve as a family.  I might have told you this before but when we picked up our Casita two weeks ago, they told us we were the youngest couple to purchase one and at the RV park we were definitely in the younger demographic!  A lot of Winter Texans live at this park on Isla Blanca and they were all super cool and friendly.  I guess we are just a little ahead of the game.  I hope you are enjoying these last few days of the holiday season and that life is treating you well.