I have cherished the Sundance Catalog for years and having grown up in LA the Sundance Film festival was always on my radar.  I too wanted to bundle up and walk the beautiful town of Park, City and explore the community of artists and nature lovers at Sundance.  When I learned that we were about 40 minutes away from the Sundance Resort,  it looked like my dream was going to come true.  Needless, to say it is utterly beautiful and tranquil up here.  The gorgeous mountains, rustic lodgings, bundles up guests, would certainly bring out the artist within.  I was filled with serenity and happiness being up here.
When you stay at the Sundance Resort you can also receive art studio instruction.  Doesn't that sounds like fun?  We were only here for the afternoon but did take a peak into one of the galleries to check out the blown glass, ceramics and prints.
As I mentioned before, if you have received their catalog, you would be in heaven at the General Store.  There is a wonderful selection of organic clothing, artisan goods and crafts created from recycled products.
I enjoyed the Papardelle Pasta & Bolognese pizza and a lovely pinot noir.
We ended our afternoon trip with a fireside dinner at Foundry Grill which is their casual dining spot. I really like the concept behind the Foundry room because the name itself implies the idea of going back to the fundamentals.   If you want to experience fine dining you can check out The Tree Room and for picking up a little snack, the Deli has plenty of delicious options. All of these places are fine dining in my opinion, the preparation and presentation is just divine. B and I decided we would try to make our way back here again and I highly recommend you also put this lovely area on your list.
Sending you some serenity and peace from Sundance.