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Carrie Loves Design Giveaway

Are you a little bit bored with your blog? Do you wish you had the capability to make it look more professional and add a personal touch? Then you will love this Giveaway from Carrie Loves.
Carrie is my IT guru and has made my blog design into reality. I love Carrie's aesthetic and I think you will too!  Check out some of her pre-made blogger templates:


7 chances to be a winner!

Leave a blog comment!

Competition is open worldwide
Winner's choice: 1 premade Blogger template or $30 design credit
You must already own a blog/have one set up
Giveaway is open for exactly ONE week


Good Luck everyone!

I will announce the winner of the giveaway in exactly one weeks time here on my blog.

Here are Carrie's links: Etsy Store | Design Site | Blog


Annette said...

Oh these are amazing..I love the third one...so pretty..thanks for the chance to win..

Ally said...

absolutely lovely!!!

missgiven said...


Sarah B. said...

I love the second one you posted!

TK said...

the picture this template is amazing!

Laurelle said...

Hey Laura,

Thanks SO MUCH for letting me know about this. I'm completely technically inept and was contemplating hiring someone to help me out. I love the second one you posted, along with the one "Life Begins After Coffee" from her shop.


Helen said...

Love these! The sweet life notes one is gorgeous!

Alicia Hessinger said...

Loving how all the designs are different but have the same aesthetic, very clean and girly! Make for some definite eye candy while reading a blog! A few of my favorites are Picture This, Megan, Downtown and Stackhouse! I've always LOVED sealaura's layout and design and now I know why! And so affordable on the Etsy store!

Miriam Prantner said...

Tough one! I'm thinking either Mustard or Best Friends

thisgirlcreates said...

They are all so nice! I think my favorites are Megan Greene and Anna Mae.

Elisabet said...

Although I love the "Tea and Coffee" design I really love your design! There is just something about the clean lines allowing one's posts and pictures to take center stage!
thanks for a chance...
Beth P

Organisingtomakelifeeasier said...

I love the Mustard template

Cricky said...

I'm so torn....I love downtown and have loved it since Carrie first posted it but Winchester has become a close second.