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A few shades of grey...

 Happy Thursday.   I'm happy to report that I've been  able to wear a few beach of those beach sweaters I posted about a few weeks ago.  We are having a bit of winter in the tropics.  As much as I like the sunshine, cloud cover is also so pretty.  Remember, I have a lot affair with all things grey so photographing grey days is also a passion because believe it or not you can capture such a variety of colors and textures. 
 We were exploring the neighborhoods in Port Isabel dreaming of a casita to retire in and found this nice little enclave.   It's such a lovely location with a view to the island and water all around.
Exploring the island was such a nice way to spend a grey day.
What are your favorite things about grey days?


Nicolle said...

Your pictures remind me of some of the sweet little neighborhoods in Port Aransas. So pretty! Love your photos here.

My favorite things about grey days: they allow me to be quiet and lazy, and not feel guilty. And, coffee of course. :)


Sarah - Squeezed Daily said...

Hey! sorry it's been a long time for me to drop in. Funny I read this post and it's overcast and grey here, we were just saying what a nice change it has been, as we've had no stop sunshine since we moved here. Nice photos.


Gilly said...

Oh I do feel so sorry for your tropical people having a grey day! In the UK that would count as a summer day! We are having snow, gales and more snow here.

Still, your lovely shots made me feel warmer!

Bob Scotney said...

Like Gilly I'm envious of your shade of grey.

Karen S. said...

Oh gee, golly I am really liking your grey world- Bravo!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Is that Texas?

I visited there long ago. I love the ocean! Also, Matamoros.

Max Sartin said...

Beautiful grey day, and I love that house. One thing I truly miss, here in landlocked Utah, is the ocean.